An untamed prehistoric world full of stone, bone, hide and the primal forces of nature and sorcery. In this young world, civilization is composed of small, stationary beginnings of society and the nomadic hunter-gather tribes of days long gone. Surrounding dangers include wild animals, invading orcs, goblins, giants, elementals, dinosaurs, spirits and the fight for basic survival.

The world is believed to be the body of an elemental goddess who sacrificed herself to prevent the spread of evil and chaos.

She embodied the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Nature (Plants, Wood, Organics, etc), and Magic.

Nature itself is truly neutral, yet a duality exists containing the forces of both extremes of Good, Life, Positive Energy and Evil, Undeath and Negative Energy

Magic is the raw, unwritten threads of reality. Those who control or embody it can shape the universe around them. The young world is full of untapped and unshaped potential. Magic can be wielded in a number of ways:

Nature –
Divine magic granted from the primal and elemental forces that created the world to those who revere and respect nature. Druids and Rangers are gifted by acting as guardians and protectors of the natural world. The Druids are an integral part of the world’s nature-based religion.

Spirits –
The guiding aid of our ancestors and all livings things can grant the power of divine magic to those who connect and commune with the spirit world. Demonic, Shadow or other entities can be a source of power for those willing to commune with evil. Shamans, Oracles, Witches and Bards draw their magic from these sources.

Sorcery -
Magic, in its purest form, exists all around.

Stone Age D&D